April 3 2018

CW gives early renewals to 10 series

It’s getting to be that time of year where all of the networks announce which shows are coming back, and The CW isn’t wasting any time.

The CW typically does early renewals, and this year is no different. The networks announced 10 renewals on Monday, and none of them are that surprising.

Shows like iZombie and Valor will learn their fates in May.

The CW is expanding to six nights of programming in the upcoming season, so none of this is that surprising. The network is going to need to pair new shows with proven winners, so keeping the lineup pretty much intact makes sense.

Personally, I made a weird decision this year. As a cord cutter I can watch all of these shows on The CW app, but when I started adding up how many minutes a week I would spend watching commercials, I decided to wait. Due to a deal with Netflix, CW shows hit the service two weeks after the season finale, so I am saving all of the current shows to watch this summer and without commercials. Seeing as I watch six CW shows currently, that is a lot of time I just saved myself.

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