April 4 2018

Black Panther breaks into the top 10 of all time global releases

People really, really love Wakanda it would seem.

Black Panther has hit $652.5M domestically meaning it has surpassed Jurassic World ($652.3M) to hit the number four on the domestic all-time chart. Globally, however, it has now hit $1,279B, surpassing the $1,276B of Frozen making it the tenth biggest film of all-time.

As is always pointed out, this is not adjusted for inflation and so on. If you do that, no movie will ever touch Gone With the Wind. Even with that in mind, this is a huge milestone as it is the highest grossing solo superhero film ever, and it’s the third MCU film to crack the top 10. (Avengers is number 5, Avengers: Age of Ultron is number 7.) And, thanks to Star Wars, this means Disney retains five of the top 10 spots… and it also has number 11 and 12. Crazy.

Black Panther is set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War which releases on April 27, so some of his magic is sure to rub off on that film as well.

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