April 13 2018

Jessica Jones season 3 a go at Netflix

Jessica Jones season 3 was given the greenlight by Netflix on Thursday, but the first thing that pops into my mind is what, if any, lessons did everyone learn from season 2?

I loved the first season of Jessica Jones. It was an original take on superheroes showing how they can be just as flawed as anyone else. Season 2… well… I’ve watched the first two episodes and I may get back to it at some point… maybe.

For whatever reason, the second season just hasn’t clicked with me, and judging by reviews I was not alone in this take on the series. I’ve heard it gets better around episode six, but do I really want to sit through a few more hours to get to the good part? There is so much good content on TV right now that giving my hours to sub-par content is just not an idea I relish.

I think the biggest issue facing Netflix and these Marvel shows is that everyone involved seems married to the idea of 13 episodes. Cut it back. Even 10 would be more manageable I feel and we could cut a lot of the fluff.

The Netflix Marvel shows grabbed me from moment one with the excellent first season of Daredevil, but ever since then it feels like it has progressively gone downhill. Iron First season 1 may have been the most egregious example, but Jessica Jones season 2 feels like a close second.

Will Netflix cut down on the number of episodes? Highly doubtful. I just hope to turn on Jessica Jones season 3 and not wonder why I’ve given myself homework.

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