April 14 2018

Mad About You looks set for a revival

It appears that Mad About You will be the next sitcom to get a revival, if it can find a home that is.

Television appears to have gone revival mad as of late. Will & Grace is pulling in decent numbers for NBC and has already secured orders for two additional seasons. Roseanne has pulled in monstrous numbers for ABC and has been renewed for a second season. With all of this data, it looks as though Mad About You may be the next one to come back.

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser have reportedly signed on for a revival of their hit 1990s sitcom, along with Danny Jacobson who co-created the series with Reiser. Some analysts are seeing a problem in that Mad About You is a product of Sony Pictures Television and NBC aired it under a license. While it would make sense for the series to return to its former home, there is no guarantee of that happening. Apparently, the current plan was to get all of the key players in place and then look for a home.

With the success other revivals are currently having, Mad About You is sure to pull in a premium price. And with the new frontier of streaming services, there are far more outlets than there used to be. With Netflix enjoying success with Fuller House, it is clear that viewers are loyal to a property and not the original outlet. And lets not forget that Sony owns Crackle, adding one of its old hit series to that outlet could definitely up its profile.

There is no indication as to when the sales process will begin, but there is no time like the present. With the TV networks hosting the upfront presentations next month, things will need to move fast unless streaming is the end game plan.

I’m a big fan of Mad About You, but do I feel a need to return? Only time will tell. I’m sure I will check it out, but if I stick around will be the big question.

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