April 16 2018

Rampage scores a win at the box office

Dwayne Johnson once again proves he’s a winner at the box office with his new monster film, Rampage.

Rampage didn’t look to be the clear winner when the weekend began, but thanks to word-of-mouth it took off on Saturday. It took in $34.5M domestically and a further $114.1M foreign. It now stands at $148.6M globally off of a $120M budget.

Second place went to A Quiet Place with $32.6M for a new domestic total of $99.63M. Globally it has hit $151.33M off of a $17M budget.

Ready Player One took in $25.06M at the U.S. box office to land in second place. It now sits at $96.92M domestically and $391.32M globally.

The latest Blumhouse horror film, Truth or Dare, opened in third place with $19M off of a $3.5M budget.

Ready Player One took a big hit in its third week losing 573 screens and taking in $11.2M. Domestically it has hit $114.6M and $474.8M globally.

Fifth place went to Blockers with $10.29M for a new total of $36.92M off of a $21M budget.

The major releases this week are I feel Pretty and Super Troopers 2 will also see a national expansion.

Curious how I think these films will do? Check out my The Movies of 2018 – 2nd Quarter report.

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