April 17 2018

Mad Max sequels locked in a nasty lawsuit

You can stop holding your breath for Mad Max sequels as those are probably not happening now.

It has been revealed that George Miller is locked in a lawsuit with Warner Brothers over a $7M bonus the director claims he was promised. Reportedly he was offered the bonus if he brought Mad Max: Fury Road in under budget, which he claims he did, but the studio sees it a different way. According to the studio, Miller went way over budget due to reshoots, but Miller is claiming that the studio mandated the reshoots and it had been agreed the money for those would not count against the original budget.

Accusations are now flowing in both directions, so it would seem any hope of Miller moving ahead with his already scripted two Mad Max sequels seems unlikely. Miller has also been mentioned several times as a possible director for DC Extended Universe films, but that is probably off the table now as well.

Mad Max: Fury Road had a notoriously long production with an endless stream of issues. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron have not made any bones about the fact they reached a point where it became difficult to work together. Since the film wrapped, both have expressed interest in returning to those characters, so perhaps peace has been made.

‘Studio math’ is a well-known issue in Hollywood and why you never take points against the net profit of a film. No matter how much a film makes, studios will always find a way to say it lost money. This feels very similar. You say it came under budget, the studios will find a way to say it went over.

Unfortunately, in the long run, it is movie fans who lose out as we probably won’t see a follow-up to Fury Road.

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