April 18 2018

Blackhawk takes flight at Warner Brothers with Spielberg

Steven Spielberg looks like he’s ready to finally to jump into the world of comic book movies, but with the rather unlikely choice of Blackhawk.

Coming off the success of Ready Player One, Spielberg and Warner Brothers look set to team up again. According to The Wrap, Spielberg has agreed to produce a film adaptation of DC’s Blackhawk comic series. There is also a chance that the famous director may sit in the director’s chair as well, but that is not definite yet.

Blackhawk first launched under Quality Comics from 1941 – 1956, and continued under DC Comics when it acquired the publisher. The series came and went with a cancelation in 1968, a resurrection in 1976, a further cancellation in 1978, another revival in 1982 and so on. It was also a 15-part matinee film serial in 1952.

The timing of the film is the big question at the moment. David Koepp is writing the script, previously working on two of the Jurassic Park films and War of the Worlds with Spielberg. The question in timing comes from the director’s schedule as he is currently committed to a fifth Indiana Jones followed by a new adaptation of West Side Story. This pushes the project back significantly should he choose to direct.

Inclusion in the DC Extended Universe is unknown at this time, but there might be an easy in. In Wonder Woman, the characters of Sameer, Charlie, and Chief were rumored to be members of Blackhawk Squadron. Considering the setting of that film, and the easy tie-in to DC’s most successful film, this would make sense. It would also make for an easy cameo by Wonder Woman as well.

Blackhawk may seem like an odd choice on one hand, but it makes perfect sense in others. Spielberg likes the time period, and he knows how to deliver a hit. Koepp works well with him, and there is no reason to suspect this time will be different. The only question is when this will fit in their schedules.

Warner Brothers needs another hit with its DC movies. Blackhawk would not have been my first guess as a possibility, but we’ll see what happens.

Source: The Wrap .

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