April 20 2018

Masters of the Universe film lands yet more directors

Masters of the Universe has scored a new director, but it seems it picked up a spare as well.

The Masters of the Universe movie has been through the ringer to be sure when it comes to directors. Jon M. Chu dropped out. Then it was McG. In November it looked as though it was going to be David S. Goyer, but he never officially signed on. Now it appears indie darlings the Nee Brothers have picked up the reigns.

Variety reports that the Nee Brothers – who came to fame thanks to Band of Robbers – have been tapped by Sony Pictures to head the film. Goyer’s script is still in place, and he will serve as executive producer.

There is no word yet on casting or a production start, but the film has targeted a Dec. 18, 2019 release date. I full expect that to move due to Star Wars Episode IX, but we’ll wait and see.

Dear, Masters of the Universe – Please be good

I try to forget the 1987 film adaptation of Masters of the Universe as much as possible. It was a trainwreck that lit dumpsters on fire. It was horrible. The problem was that film forgot what it was everyone loved about this property, and that was the cartoon. Yes, the animated series was silly, but there were some strong story points in it.

If a new film is going to succeed, it needs to analyze the animated series and pull out the good bits. Maybe forget Orko – definitely forget Orko – and just tell a fun fantasy story with sci-fi elements. Make Skeletor scary and not look like a make-up trailer disaster. And, seriously, find a way to make Battle Cat work.

Sony Pictures is on a hot streak right now, lets hope it takes some of that money and puts it too good use on Masters of the Universe.

Source: Variety .

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