April 25 2018

Alden Ehrenreich signed for more Star Wars movies

You had better hope you enjoy Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo as it appears that the actor is going to be in our lives for a while if all goes well.

No one would blame you if you thought Alden Ehrenreich would only make one film as Han Solo. With Solo: A Star Wars Story covering so many milestones in the character’s life, what else could happen with him. It turns out, however, Lucasfilm signed Ehrenreich for three films.

Speaking with Esquire, Ehrenreich revealed the info.

He knows what he’s getting into. It’s a deeper commitment than just one movie. Even Ford couldn’t quit after just one. I ask Ehrenreich how many he’s signed up for. “Three,” he says, then flinches, understanding he may have just created a disturbance in the Force. “I don’t know if that’s officially, uh, public. But—yeah.”

To be clear, just because an actor is signed for films doesn’t mean they will happen for sure. This is a very common practice to avoid painful contract negotiations for a sequel. It could also mean this version of Solo simply showing up in a different Star Wars film. With Solo: A Star Wars Story taking place 10 years prior to A New Hope, however, there is plenty of room for additional adventures.

Alden Ehrenreich will be Han Solo for a new generation

My feelings on Solo: A Star Wars Story have been generally negative. I have to say that the last trailer did sway me a bit, though. It is difficult to imagine anyone other than Harrison Ford in the role, but for an entire new generation, Ehrenreich will become their Han Solo. And that’s fine.

The life-long fans such as myself are going to have to accept the idea that Star Wars is no longer ours. We can enjoy it, and we can hope to see certain things, but at the end of the day it has now been 41 years. It’s time for new fans to rotate in and see something new and make Star Wars theirs. If this franchise is going to continue for years to come, it has to happen at some point.

I’m still not sure how much I will enjoy Solo: A Star Wars Story, but there is something heartwarming thinking it may impact a kid the way the original film did me.

Source: Esquire .

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