April 28 2018

Tremors TV series not moving forward at Syfy

According to Kevin Bacon himself, the Tremors TV series is not going to be moving forward at Syfy.

Tremors was released in 1990, and while it didn’t do much at the box office, it turned into a cult classic thanks to home video. Bacon started discussing in 2015 that the character of Valentine McKee was the only one of his characters that he was interested in revisiting.  “This is the only character I’ve played that I’ve ever thought about revisiting. I just got to thinking, ‘Where would this guy end up after 25 years?’” Later that year a project started to move forward with Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Television.

Bacon took to his Instagram account on Friday to let everyone know that the Tremors pilot had indeed been filmed, but that the Syfy network had decided to pass on it.

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#Tremors Sad to report that my dream of revisiting the world of Perfection will not become a reality. Although we made a fantastic pilot (IMHO) the network has decided not to move forward. Thanks to our killer cast and everyone behind the scenes who worked so hard. And always keep one eye out for GRABOIDS!

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Can Tremors be Shopped Around?

There are so many networks and streaming services today that need content you would think it could find a home. Nothing specific has been said, but my belief is it boils down to rights. Tremors was made by Universal, and with its TV division involved it is sure to still hold the rights. Syfy, in turn, is part of Universal which made it the natural outlet.

In short, it’s locked down where it is. With Syfy passing, the project is dead. There’s some debate if that’s a good or bad thing as it was going to ignore all five of its sequels. Considering the poor quality of those films, it may not have been a bad idea.

Either way, the project is dead for now. According to Deadline, there are no plans to release the pilot episode despite it being completed.

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