April 29 2018

Avengers: Infinity War box office set to break records

Avengers: Infinity War box office numbers are delayed it seems as no one is quite sure what it’s going to come in at. Right now the analysts are pegging $248 to $250M, and if that proves to be true, then it will be the biggest opening weekend ever.

Exhibitor Relations has the newest MCU film sitting at $250M, but these are estimates for now. The problem is that Saturday came in higher than expected, and the models for Sunday seem to be off. The actuals won’t be in until some time on Monday afternoon.

Globally reports are pegging it at $630M for an overall haul, another record. Especially impressive as the film has yet to open in China.

Avengers: Infinity War box office is great… but what next?

I’m still uncertain how the MCU will fair after Avengers 4. Call me a pessimist if you must. I totally understand if you do. This will wrap up the first part of the series and would be a good time for people to jump out. It happens in comics all the time.

The more likely scenario, I think, is that we will see a drop-off and then a gradual rebuilding to another crescendo. But without the likes of Thor, Captain America, and so on, it’s hard to tell. (Those are not spoilers, by the way, merely contracts are expiring)

My fingers are crossed, but I’m also nervous.

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