May 3 2018

DC Universe is on the way with a lot of original content

DC has finally announced that its streaming service will be DC Universe, and it even has plans for another series.

The upcoming DC Universe has been teased for some time now. Titans, based on the Teen Titans, was the first we knew about after it punted around TNT for a while. Then a third season of Young Justice was finally ordered after years spent in limbo. The last thing announced prior to the reveal was a Harley Quinn animated series.

With the announcement of the service name also came news that a Swamp Thing series been ordered. James Wan, the director handling the upcoming Aquaman, is helping in the development of the new series. There’s no indication which version of Swamp Thing it will tackle, but my money would be the darker, headier, Alan Moore style of the 1980s which has a lot more story possibilities. Currently, it has a script-to-series order, and if the script comes in strong it could go straight to series.

Harley Quinn logo - DC Universe

Swamp Thing logo - DC Universe

Titans logo - DC Universe

Young Justice Outsiders logo - DC Universe

I want to be excited about the DC Universe

I want to be excited about this new service, but I’m honestly finding it difficult. The idea of a streaming service for just one brand is not something I’m thrilling to at the moment. And believe me, this is coming from a guy who loves DC.

My concern stems from cord cutting is all about freedom. While I understand every company wants to make as much money as possible, there is a point where consumers can’t do it. Do I give up a service like Hulu with content from many providers to enjoy just one source? And on the flip side of this, lets say I do choose to stay at Hulu, it could be killing things like Titans getting a second season.

If this works we could see a lot more of this and that will be bad for everyone. If it doesn’t work, it feels like a missed oppurtunity for these shows to have been on a stronger service.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but for now you can mark me as ‘cautiously optimistic.’

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