May 6 2018

Masters of the Universe movie is taking a weird turn

The Masters of the Universe plot and character details have started circulating online, and things are not looking good. Why address the popular animated series when you can just mess it all up?

According to a new report from That Hashtag Show, a breakdown of the characters slated to appear has leaked. While He-Man and Skeletor were givens, how they interact may be changing.

The information points to King Randor being a descendant of the Grayskulls and having two sons, Adam and Keldor. Keldor is the heir and perfect son, with Adam being the black sheep of the family. An unknown event occurs that makes Randor put the kingdom of Eternia before Keldor, and that leads to his transformation into Skeletor.

Adam will then set out to assemble a group of warriors which will include Duncan/Man-at-Arms, Duncan’s daughter Teela, Zodak, Orko (who will now be a small man filled with self-doubt), and Stratos. Meanwhile, Skeletor will be joining with Evil Lyn, Beast Man (now a shapeshifter), and Trap Jaw.

Why mess with Masters of the Universe?

Masters of the Universe characters

Why can’t Hollywood just leave source material alone? For some unknown reason, it always has to put some sort of ‘new’ twist on a popular story. No one believes the animated series was high literature, but it was extremely popular for a reason.

The warring brothers trope has become popular over the last several years for some unknown reason. We saw it pop up in Spectre, and it just didn’t work. People can be at war without being brothers, it happens all the time in the real world, it can happen in movies as well.

Additionally, Orko is now a small man with insecurities? Fine, Orko was a small… thing… with insecurities that always tried his best. Why mess with that?

None of this is completely confirmed yet, but if this is where this film is heading, then I’m already disappointed. If you want to make movies based on beloved franchises, fine, but make sure you understand why they were beloved. Otherwise you end up with a situations like Transformers that seems to have way more humans than a movie about giant robots really should.

Masters of the Universe is currently set to be directed by the Nee Brothers with a target of a Dec. 2019 release.

Source: That Hashtag Show .

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