May 8 2018

Luke Cage season 2 trailer – Introducing Bushmaster

The 1970s were an odd time for Marvel Comics, and the Luke Cage season 2 trailer emphasizes one of those issues: Naming characters.

During the 70s Marvel tried to really up its game when it came to diversifying its heroes. The problem was that it was still being handled by mainly white nerdy type guys in a high-rise office in New York City. This led to all sorts of odd choices for character costumes, comic titles, and, most importantly, character names.

Lets face it, Bushmaster is not an awesome name.

To Netflix’s credit, that name is remaining intact as Luke Cage faces him down in season 2.

To be fair, this is the same show we dealt with Luke facing down characters named Cottonmouth and Diamondback in season 1.

Luke Cage Season 2 – Can it avoid the curse?

I loved season 1 of Daredevil. Season 2 was… okay.

I loved season 1 of Jessica Jones. Season 2… I can’t get past episode two yet.

And with Luke Cage, I loved season 1, but I have to admit I’m nervous. The track record for the Marvel shows on Netflix has not been awesome lately. The entire project started off in a fantastic way, but it has been going downhill ever since season 1 of Iron Fist. The problem mainly comes down to outrageous bloat.

With the exception of The Defenders, every season is 13 episodes, and that’s just too many. The seasons feel as though they suffocate under the weight of trying to fill an arbitrary number of hours as opposed to serving the story. Most of these shows could easily get away with a seven-episode season, but I could see an argument for 10 in most cases.

My fingers are crossed that Luke Cage season 2 is good, but I’m nervous. Netflix needs to break this losing streak or these wonderful characters are going to suffer. From the trailer alone, the vibe has me hopeful, so my fingers are firmly crossed.

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