May 11 2018

Fox cancels Brooklyn Nine-Nine and two more comedies

Next week is the upfront presentations for all of the broadcast networks and that means it’s time for cancellations. Fox went to work on Thursday with some key cancellations.

On Thursday Fox canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Last Man on Earth, and The Mick. No word yet on the network’s dramas, but those are sure to come up soon. All of these shows were considered cancellation targets, so none of them come as huge surprises.

In this day and age, it’s not unusual for canceled shows to be shopped around to other outlets. There’s a rumor that talks may have already started at Hulu for Last Man on Earth, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Is this the new Fox?

Disney is in the process of attempting to purchase Fox – and Comcast is in the mix… again – and there will need to be a new version of the network. A lot of people are referring to it as “New Fox,” and the cancellation of three established series feels like a move in that direction. There’s really no indication yet what the new version of the network will look like.

If you want an update on your favorite shows, I’m constantly updating the 2018/2019 renewal scorecard. So far it has been pretty positive, but it looks like things are now shifting.

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