May 12 2018

Fox cancellations – the Grim Reaper visits

If you watch any shows on Fox, it has not been a good week for you. There are a few reasons for the bloodbath of Fox cancellations this year.

Fox is in a weird position this year as it heads into its upfronts. By this time next year, it will probably be owned by either Disney – the more likely scenario – or Comcast. This means a lot of shows will disappear any way from the network, and it has to prepare for that.

Then there was another issue where it had picked up the rights to Thursday Night Football meaning it needed 30 hours less of programming this year.

With all this in mind the network swung the axe, and it swung the axe hard.

Over the past few days Fox canceled:

And by Monday either Lethal Weapon or Gotham will be canceled. The former needs to recast a lead actor – it’s a long story – and if it can by Monday, it lives, and Gotham dies. If it doesn’t recast in time, Lethal Weapon dies and Gotham lives. Fun weekend for two crews!

Fox Cancellations – A new network rises

Fox is going to have to completely retool itself due to the network sale. Disney can’t purchase the local affiliates due to regulations, and Comcast also faces hurdles. With it selling off its production arm, Fox is going to need to change the look of what shows it airs. This is just the start. Essentially, if you like anything on Fox, it’s going away in the not too distant future.

Some shows are going to survive, especially anything animated or reality-based. Yep, don’t worry, Gordon Ramsay isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

There are still some more decisions to be made at Fox, so expect some more cancelations. Keep up with my Which TV Shows are Canceled and Renewed for 2018/2019 post for updates. The upfronts are coming up next week, so it’s TV-palooza this week.

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