May 23 2018

Happytime Murders trailer – This is just too specific

The Happytime Murders feels like what would happen if Meet the Feebles collided with Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and that is just not a good thing.

It is said that there are only seven stories in the world, and that’s fine, we’ve all accepted that. It’s how you tell them, how you dress them up, and even that can be copied sometimes. But when you deal with puppets that have endless personal problems while also solving a murder, it just gets too specific.

There is no question that Meet the Feebles is a pretty underground film, but it gained a lot of attention several years ago as it was directed by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame. A lot more people are aware of it now, and that makes copying it a bit more obvious.

Here is the trailer for Meet the Feebles, and let me warn you… this is NOT for kids nor is it safe for work.

The full movie can be found on YouTube with zero effort, but I won’t post it here.

Now, lets take a look at the trailer for The Happytime Murders.

The Happytime Murders is just too specific

I brought up Who Framed Roger Rabbit? due to the murder-solving aspect, but it is clear this is more of a copy of the Feebles. The only difference is that Feebles didn’t have any human characters in the story, but the idea of showing puppets with drug issues, having sex and so on is pretty clear.

I’m not even trying to be precious about all of this. I think the Feebles is fun, but it’s not some great work of art, but when you rip off the entire premise, it’s a problem. The Happytime Murders may be a totally fine movie, but it is going to be difficult for me to watch without making comparisons constantly to other films, even The Muppets films from just a few years ago.

Good luck to them, but this just looks bad on every level.

The Happytime Murders hits theaters on Aug. 17.

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