May 24 2018

Transformers 7 pulled from Paramount’s release schedule

Paramount has removed Transformers 7 from its release calendar, coming as a surprise to no one amongst all the changes happening around the Hasbro properties.

After five critically panned movies under the direction of Michael Bay, Paramount is wrapping up a stand-alone film for Bumblebee. That film is scheduled for Dec. 21 of this year. After that, Transformers 7 was the next on the schedule for June 28, 2019. The issue is there has been absolutely no discussion of this film being in pre-production with only 13 months to its supposed release date.

With Bay saying he’s done with the films, no one has been named to take over the series yet. Add in that Hasbro seems to finally be getting its Cinematic Universe off the ground, Transformers may need to rest for a bit. There have been rumors Bumblebee may be a bit of a reset for the series, and with this new information that is seeming a bit more likely.

Transformers 7 needs to refocus

With each successive film the Transformers series performed worse. The critics became more savage, and the revenue waned. A reset is needed and it’s time for Paramount to realize the robots are the attraction and not random humans. Longtime fans want to see the Transfomers acting more like what we fell in love with years ago.

For whatever reason, Michael Bay kept focusing on humans and it was infuriating. There were are awesome characters in Transformers with distinct personalities and designs. Bay was clearly not interested in this and just wanted masses of metal blowing things up.

The Transformers series has been a travesty of a misuse of a beloved property. While rapid reboots are not my thing, I’ve wanted this since day one. Lets just hope that is actually what is happening here. Bring on a new Transformers series that is actually about the Transformers.

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