May 31 2018

Top Gun 2 begins filming, Cruise releases first photo

On the list of sequels I don’t think a single human has asked for, Top Gun 2 has begun filming. And to celebrate the accomplishment, Tom Cruise has released a photo of himself in the flight suit.

Joseph Kosinski is directing the sequel with Harold Faltermeyer returning to score the film. Cruise is the only cast member announced so far, let along the only one from the original film. There have been rumors that Val Kilmer may at least have a cameo as Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. Kelly McGillis has been rumored to appear, but nothing official has ever been stated.

The new film will see Cruise once again playing Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and helping a new generation of pilots deal with their jobs being replaced by unmanned drones.

Top Gun 2 – The sequel no one needs

The original Top Gun was released on May 16, 1986 and went on to gross $356.83M globally. It was the top-grossing film of the year, but surprisingly did not generate a sequel. That talk fired up in 2010 and has gone through many variations since then. While sequels did happen in the 1980s, it was nowhere as frequent as we see it happening today.

There is absolutely nothing about this project that appeals to me. Not once in all the years since the original film have I thought, “I wonder what happened to Maverick.” The original film was fine, but very much a product of the time period. It was, also, a self-contained story with nothing crying to follow any of the characters ever again.

Outside of the Mission: Impossible series, Cruise’s performance at the box office is all over the place. Something tells me everyone involved with this film is going to be in for a rude awakening after the opening weekend numbers.

Top Gun 2 is set for release on July 12, 2019.

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