June 2 2018

Silver & Black pulled from Sony’s release schedule

The long-gestating Spider-Man spinoff film Silver & Black has been pulled from Sony’s schedule. While this is normally a bad sign, the project isn’t dead yet.

While Silver & Black has gone through a lot of work, it appears the latest delay is due to the script. The film was slated for Feb. 9, 2019, but according to the film’s director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, the project is currently only halfway through the scripting process.

At some point, Prince-Bythewood, Chris Yost, and Lisa Joy-Nolan have all worked on the film’s script, but no word on who is currently doing the heavy lifting. Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal are on deck to produce.

Silver & Black makes no sense

This is one of those projects that it isn’t entirely clear why it exists. While Venom is at least somewhat known, Black Cat and Silver Sable have next to no recognition in the mainstream. Does that mean it will be a bad movie? Certainly not, but it makes you wonder why choose these characters.

For decades Hollywood has made films with no name recognition of the characters. It’s awesome to see original productions. But, if you are going to use characters from an established brand, you should go with ones more people know. Even in the realm of Spider-Man fans, these two characters are not well-known.

Of course, the idea of doing Spider-Man related movies without Spider-Man in them makes no sense in general. But that appears to be the direction Sony is going in. Cracking a storyline for two characters that are built completely around another without that character being present can’t be easy. More power to them, but I certainly don’t envy them.

To be honest, I have a feeling this has more to do with waiting to see how Venom performs at the box office. This film would have been way down the production road before the studio saw the results. Considering the public reactions to the tailers, I would be worried as well.

I’m going to be surprised if this film ever gets made.

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