June 7 2018

Bumblebee Trailer – Transformers with character development?

With only a few minutes of footage in the Bumblebee trailer to go by, it looks as though we could finally see some character development. Perhaps it just took getting Michael Bay away from the Transformers franchise to make it work.

We’ve known for some time that the next Transformers movie would take us back to the 1980s and show us when Bumblebee was first on Earth. Not only that, but we would see him as the VW bug alt mode we’ve all longed for. What is disappointing, however, is we’re still stuck with his broken voice box. So much for him talking.

With Bumblebee being the focus here, and only one other Transformer appearing – yes, it’s Starscream – is this a chance for actual character development? There’s a lot of film to film and not a ton of characters to learn about.

Bumblebee trailer gets my hopes up… slightly

I’m still not completely sold on a Bumblebee standalone film, but here we are. Paramount is obviously waiting to see what happens. It has pulled Transformers 7 from its schedule – seventh overall – which makes you wonder about the future of the franchise.

Could this be a reboot into the Hasbro Cinematic Universe? Could they be letting Transformers rest for a while? We just don’t know what the plan is right now. There has been absolutely no discussion about the next installment from a script or crew perspective, so it seems the next one is a ways out.

I’m hoping this is a reset because I want an actual fun Transformers movie and not that Bay garbage we’ve had to put up with. This is, afterall, a war story, it just happens to include giant robots. Lets see how this one does and then we can consider where this is going.

Bumblebee hits theaters on May 21.

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