June 8 2018

Halloween trailer finally lands and leaves me underwhelmed

We finally have our first look at the Halloween trailer, and it has left me cold. It looks like someone mashed up Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 with the Rob Zombie Halloween films.

If you feel the need in the first minute of your trailer to explain you’re killing part of the canon, then you may have a problem, folks.

After we see a weird shot of mental patients in a wacky prison yard, we’re treated to three teenagers immediately discussing how Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael are not siblings. One of these three is Lauri’s granddaughter, so, of course, this topic has never ever come up before.

And lets address the wacky prison yard for a moment. With all of the movies out of the running except the first, that means Michael fell out the window, Laurie sees him… walks away to talk to the kids… walks back and Michael is gone. Then at some point off-screen in the new canon he is captured and tried for his murders. So he is longer somewhat magical? Is he just a man? If he’s just a man, how did he survive the events at the end of the first movie?

If anything, it’s the prison that is bothering me here. You could have just said Michael disappeared and no one has ever seen him again. A documentary crew comes to town to film – with the mask – and that reactivates him. That he had been hiding in plain sight all these years o some other form of explanation. Locking him up in prison just humanizes him too much for my liking.

Halloween hits theaters on Oct. 19, but my interest has taken a definite hit.

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