June 9 2018

The Joys of Travel – Speak Up

It’s been a while since I spoke about my various adventures in travel. Truth be told, I haven’t traveled much this past year. Due to various projects, I haven’t been to California in 14 months, but that is where I’m typing this from now, and sure enough, things happened along the trip to getting here.

First off, I had upgraded to First Class on my first flight today. Yay, right? Well, the seat was dying a slow death. I mentioned it to the stewardess and, “Oh, I thought I heard something,” was all I heard back from her. Maybe have someone look at it? It’s clearly not going to last much longer.

Then I get to Irvine, and I go to rent my car. I had found a good deal on an “intermediate SUV,” and it was going to run me less than a regular car. After other adventures I’ve had with rental cars, I approach them very cautiously before putting my bags in them now. I check the plates… I look for damage… and then I open them up. On the Toyota Rav 4 I had been assigned I open the back hatch, and… call over an employee to point out the insane amount of dry dog food covering the back compartment. To his credit, the employee was less than happy with the state of the vehicle and immediately started looking for a new car for me.

He asked how many people I would be driving with… how long was I in town for and so on… and finally decided I needed a nice car as an apology.

Chevy Camaro

Did I need a Chevy Camaro? No. Would I have been happy with a similar car to what I reserved? Yes.

I always feel somewhat awkward complaining about things in this day and age because everyone assumes you are looking for some form of compensation. I’m honestly not. I just want what I paid for and I want it in the condition I expect it to be in. That’s it. End of story. I have had many companies offer me compensation and then act shocked when I tell them I don’t want it.

I complain only when necessary, and it always makes me hope the next person has that much better of a travel experience.

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