June 10 2018

Mortal Engines trailer – You can skip the movie now

The second Mortal Engines trailer is a master class in how not to cut a movie trailer. If you’ve ever thought, “I need to know the entire plot of the film from start to finish in 2 and a half minutes,” you’re in luck.

The second trailer for Mortal Engines came out a few days ago and I’ve actually avoided covering it. Why? Because it’s awful. Lets take a look.

First off, if you think Peter Jackson is directing this movie… well… he’s not. I don’t blame you for thinking of that, but he is only producing and writing.

Now, as to the contents of a trailer, I can’t believe it appears to have been edited in a linear fashion. I.E. start to finish with little to no jumping around. We get exposition out the wazoo. We find out that there was a secret that led to a murder, but… wait, we’ll just go ahead and reveal the secret. Oh, then we’ll reveal the allies they pick up… and then we’ll reveal the big battle… some of the results of the big battle… and on and on and on.

Trailers are meant to entice you to see a movie. Just give you enough of a taste of the overall story to make you want to run out and see it. In the case of the Mortal Engines trailer, I feel like I have seen the whole film. Sure there will be one thing here or there that was not included, but not enough to warrant me needing to rush out and see it.

In short, thanks to whomever was responsible for this trailer telling me what I eventually need to add to my Netflix queue.

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