June 23 2018

Nightbreed TV series in development at Syfy

According to new reports, Clive Barker is in talks to reboot Nightbreed as a TV series over at Syfy. Based off of a short-story called Cabal, the property was turned into a feature film in 1990 under the name Nightbreed. Since then the property has been pretty silent.

According to the report from Deadline, Barker is working with writer Josh Stolberg on the project. According to the report, Stolberg is framing it as an allegory for race relations with Humans and Monsters standing in for the races.

If you’ve never seen Nightbreed – and many haven’t – the story follows a man who discovers new powers shortly after his fiancee dies under mysterious circumstances. He comes to find out he is a member of a shadow race called the Nightbreed.

I recently went back and rewatched the 1990 film, and… memory is a wonderful thing. It glosses over a lot of shortcomings, and boy does that film have them. However, there is a lot of potential here for some interesting stories. Even if it’s just following the backstory of the various members of the Nightbreed.

No word on when we’ll see the project, but it is probably high on the production list.

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