July 5 2018

Gundam live-action movie announced at Anime Expo

When news of a live-action Gundam film hit the wires on Thursday, my first reaction was, “finally.”

Gundam has been around in numerous forms since the original series – Mobile Suit Gundam – premiered in 1979. It has gone on to spawn numerous animated series, animated movies, video games, manga, books, models, toys, and on and on and on. There have been live-action attempts before, but nothing that got off the ground.

Now Legendary Pictures is stepping in.

Having the experience of the Pacific Rim films in its corner, it’s a studio that knows how to do giant mechs. Sunrise, the studio behind Gundam, is co-producing the production which gives us some hope it will hold true to its roots.

As to what the storyline is, we’ll just have to wait and see, but this is one project I will be watching closely.

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