July 7 2018

The Predator reshoots appear to be more extensive than thought

Every movie goes through at some least some reshoots, but The Predator reshoots are beginning to sound like a scary level of retooling.

According to a report from AVP Galaxy, The Predator reshoots follow up on a test screening that left test audiences confused to the film’s tone. Now to ‘fix’ the film additional elements are being added that will see Olivia Munn’s scientist character looking at grainy photos from the original two Predator films as well an alien tail spear from Alien Vs. Predator appear. (I could live without that film being acknowledged)

On the removal side, a subplot about ‘friendly’ Predators has been removed, as has a sequence focusing on an APC, and some hybrid creatures have been removed. The film is also undergoing a 3D post-conversion.

The Predator reshoots don’t bode well for success

Reshoots are sometimes things simple as “We need to clean up the angles on this conversation.” The removal of entire sub-plots never ends well.

This may also explain why the trailers have left me cold. This film is sounding worse and worse by the minute, and as I keep saying, it’s such a basic concept: Big, scary, monsters hunt humans. How do you screw that up? You bring in Predators that are being genetically enhanced by humans for no good reason.

There is always a chance the film could be good and all of this concern is for nothing. I sincerely hope that is the case, but it just doesn’t appear to be.

At this point, the movie feels doomed, and that’s just a shame. I’m sure in a few years someone will try rebooting it again, but at this stage, I think I would rather just see it put to rest. Of course, that could be said just about any reboot at this stage.

The Predator hits theaters on Sept. 14.

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