July 15 2018

Movies Anywhere – Why are some studios not using this?

Movies Anywhere is exactly what the movie industry needed, and it also needed to be how digital movies were handled from day one.

The creation of digital movies seemed like a foregone conclusion when the Internet took off. As someone who quite often just buys a movie due to a lack of time to go to the theater, I loved the concept from day one.

What I didn’t love was, “Oh, I don’t have that movie on this device because I bought it from iTunes…”

Disney was the first studio to come up with a solution called Disney Anywhere. If you purchased a Disney movie on any supported service, you could watch it on all the others that were offered. You simply went to a website, logged into all of your accounts and it would sync the films for you.

Finally, other studios agreed this is how things should work, and now any movie you purchase form 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Warner Brothers will also sync across Amazon Video, FandangoNow, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu. Lionsgate and Paramount Pictures have ‘expressed interest,’ but are not part of the service yet.

Movies Anywhere – Get on board

You know what? I’ve stopped buying movies from Lionsgate and Paramount simply because they aren’t on Movies Anywhere. I simply refuse to purchase movies that are locked in silos when something like Movies Anywhere exists. Tomb Raider is on sale right now, I haven’t seen it, but would love to. But… it’s a Paramount release, so I won’t.

Essentially, if Movies Anywhere is good enough for five of the biggest studios – including the notoriously prickly Sony Pictures – then you really have no reason for sitting this out. Is it a licensing problem? Then discuss it with the other studios? Are you still trying to cling to the idea UltraViolet will win? Nope. Too complicated for most users. Movies Anywhere is a “set and forget” system, and that will always win.

Until Paramount and Lionsgate decide to get on board, I guess I really don’t need to purchase any of their movies.

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