July 17 2018

Batwoman series in development at The CW

The CW clearly isn’t planning to get out of the superhero game any time soon as it is now developing a Batwoman TV series.

Previously reported, Batwoman will appear during the annual crossover event of the DC shows on The CW. Not wanting to waste any time, super producer Greg Berlanti is already working on a series for the female vigilante.

This version of the character is Kathy Kane, a woman who saw her mother and sister killed when she was a child. She grew up to join the military, but was discharged after it was discovered she is a lesbian. She then took up a life as a vigilante after she was mugged. She is now helped by her father, also former military, in her crusade against crime.

The question here, of course, is how they will pull this series off without at least some involvement by Batman, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

The series could be ready for fall 2019, and feels like something that might be done to replace Arrow which is entering its seventh season.

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