July 18 2018

Godzilla King of Monsters fires up the marketing

The second U.S. Godzilla film isn’t in the theaters until next summer, but with Comic-Con this week it’s never too early to start promoting it.

The last Godzilla film was… alright. It wasn’t spectacular. But with the new film including Mothra, Roda, and King Ghidorah, I am way more interested. Any time there is monster-on-monster action, you can count me in.

To start promoting the film, the studio is going viral. MonarchSciences is starting to list the other “titans” we will see including Titanus Mosura, or Mothra.

From erased Nazca lines to the hidden Temple of the Moth, the name “Mothra” is woven throughout the most secret mythologies of our planet. The folklore and fairy tales tell of a winged creature of blinding light, an angel of the clouds whose god-like luminescence has the power to shatter the sky.

No mention of singing twins… which is just a travesty.

Have a poke around the site, but it’s giving me a bit more hope for the second film.

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