July 20 2018

Accepting Age

Those of you that follow me on social media know that today, July 20, is my birthday. I hit 47 today, and I am quickly learning that age sucks.

I attended day 1 of San Diego Comic-Con on July 19. Around 4:36pm Pacific I found myself suffering from heat exhaustion as I walked through the dealers room of the show. I had been going pretty much non-stop since 8am, and as I passed through the Star Wars pavilion I was suddenly hit with weakness, dizziness, and started to feel confused.

I quickly found some place to sit down and started to drink water, rub it on my neck and so on.

The mass of bodies in the dealers room was just too much for me plus having been out in the sun multiple times through out the day.

I was already scheduled to not attend on the 20th, but I was supposed to return on the 21st. I sadly decided it is not the best choice for me to go, and I have had to cancel a few appointments.

As someone who prides himself on his work ethic, this was not an easy decision, and one I was fighting all day today. Still feeling the effects, I had another episode a while ago in front of my boss who informed me he saw the color literally drain from my face.

Admitting defeat is not in my nature. Admitting that I can not complete a task, or fulfill obligations, is foreign to me. I typically do whatever it takes to live up to what I have promised. To throw in the towel due to unknown factors of what might happen should I go down to San Diego for another day is just bothering me to my core.

But… I’m also 47.

There comes a time where you just have to realize things aren’t going to always go as you planned no matter how much determination you may have.

By no means am I saying I’m ready for a walker, but I definitely think I am going to have to be a bit more cautious in how I plan things from here on out.

Aging sucks.

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