July 26 2018

Dune to be Split Into Two Films… Try to Act Surprised

I blame Peter Jackson for this trend. One book does not mean two movies are necessary, but it seems to be Hollywood’s favorite thing to do.

Brian Herbert – son of Dune creator Frank Herbert – gave a small update on the latest film adaptation of the sci-fi classic this week on Twitter.

Oh… goody.

I know that Lynch’s take on the novel in his 1980s film is controversial, but, honestly, it works. No he didn’t hit absolutely every point in the book, but it still very much worked. Splitting it into two films just means they are keeping everything.

… get ready for some very long explanations, folks.

The only thing keeping me going here is that Denis Villeneuve is proving to be a visionary filmmaker. From a visual standpoint I can’t wait to see what he does here.

From a story perspective… oh no. This entire book series (I dropped out halfway through the third book) is just endless explanations and screwed up family histories. With it split up to two films, we’re looking at 4 to 5 hours of length. Nope… it’s going to have to be amazing, and someone else will need to see it first and convince me it’s amazing before I go near it.

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