August 2 2018

ALF Reboot in the Works at Warner Brothers

Nope. We’re good. Thanks!

Oh, you want me to say more? Ugh. I wrote about this as a professional today already over at The Nerdy.

I don’t think anyone would argue that this revival/reboot thing is getting out of control. Yesterday it was Fantasy Island, which I will defend as having some great ideas, but I just have no clue where ALF needs to go. The original show was amusing for about three episodes and then I gave up and walked away from it. And mind you, I was 15-years-old when it came out. Even at that age I knew it wasn’t good.

Yes, people keep surprising us by adding depth to properties we never expected, but does anyone really think that will be the case with ALF?

Not everything needs to be brought back, and I think we are officially hitting the wall when we’re down to ALF.

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