August 9 2018

Oscars Introduce a New Category and Mange to Anger Everyone

On Thursday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced a new category it will be introducing, “outstanding achievement in popular film.”

… I have some place they can put the statue.

We’ve all had that feeling when the Oscar nominations are announced, “Man, I haven’t seen any of the best picture nominees.” It seems the Academy feels that is hurting its TV ratings, so it came up with a super simple solution: “Lets make an award for a movie the common folk enjoyed.”

The Academy hasn’t clarified the criteria yet for this award, but it doesn’t really matter, the name alone is offensive. This is the equivalent of them saying, “That’s right, Billy, you’re popular! Now you go show all your friends your shiny statue while the adults give out the real awards.”

With this action, at least to me, the Academy Awards have officially become completely meaningless. I was already annoyed years ago about the sub-category for animated films being shunted off into their own category because it essentially said, “We will never let you play with the big boys again.” And now… here we are again. Another group of films – a nebulous group of films, mind you – that will never make the grade because everyone can be appeased by giving them this other award.

And one has to wonder, why stop there? Why don’t we have more “outstanding achievement in BLANK film” awards?

The Academy has no one to blame but themselves here. Films go through focus group testing before release, and, clearly, this award should have done the same.

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