August 10 2018

Silver & Black Scrapped for Solo Films

It appears that Sony Pictures has finally at least come to its senses a bit by deciding a Silver Sable & Black Cat movie made no sense.

With Venom on its way, Sony Pictures is looking ahead to what comes next and it seems that the idea for a Silver & Black movie has been hit with an axe. It appears that Sony is now thinking that splitting the characters into their own films makes more sense. I’m still not sure either character is that strong, but I like this idea a lot more than slamming two unrelated characters together in some random story.

This is all part of the mini Spider-Man universe Sony wants to build that will include Silk (a Korean-American woman with Spider-Man type powers), Kraven the Hunter (an infamous Spider-Man villain, and Morbius the Living Vampire. Sony has a lot of plans, so lets see where this all goes.

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