August 15 2018

Train to Busan 2 is Here to Ruin Things for Us

Proving that nothing can be left alone, a Train to Busan sequel is in the works.

Released in 2016, well into ‘zombie fatigue, Train to Busan was a fun little zombie film from Yeon Sang-ho. The film dealt with an overworked businessman taking his young daughter to see her mother when a zombie outbreak happens. The rest of the film deals with a ragtag group of survivors on a train trying to get to the only known safe zone in South Korea, Busan. It was unique in the zombie genre due to its very claustrophobic setting of almost the entire film happening on a speeding train.

Now it seems that Yeon wants to revisit the story. This time, as opposed to being just about South Korea, the story would be from the perspective of the entire Korean peninsula.

That’s not why this film was interesting. The train and the characters within are what made it work. Unless you find some version of the same formula, it will be just another zombie film. We don’t need any more of those, thanks. We’re full up. There was already a prequel animated film called Seoul Station about the beginning of the zombie outbreak that garnered next to no attention.

Don’t fall for Hollywood’s wicked ways, we don’t need a sequel.

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