August 16 2018

Tom Cruise Reportedly in Talks for Green Lantern

Rumor is that Tom Cruise is up for the role of Green Lantern.

… oh well, I guess I can skip it.

According to Crazy Days and Night, a well-known blind item site, Tom Cruise has been in talks with Warner Brothers to take up the role of Hal Jordan in the DC Extended Universe. The hangup, it seems, is Hal died in the script and Cruise wouldn’t sign on if that was the case.

Oh… good… lets sacrifice story for an overpaid actor. That never backfires.

Can we please just get a watchable Green Lantern story? Reynolds at least owns up to the fact his movie sucked, could the WB at least just focus on making a watchable movie this time? Please?

Source: Crazy Days and Nights .

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