August 19 2018

HBO Greenlights Watchmen TV Series, but Do We Need It?

HBO had given a series order to Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen adaptation which isn’t a retelling of the original comic, but something entirely new.

This almost feels like it was inevitable, but of course the pressing question is whether or not we actually need this.

From what Lindelof is telling people that the series exists in a world where the comic/movie happened (no word on if it follows the giant squid or Dr. Manhatten ending yet), but it follows new “masks” – the name for vigilantes and heroes in this world – with a chance for existing characters to appear.

Of course, anyone who has followed Watchmen over the years knows that Alan Moore, the driving force behind the original comic, is… well… he’s not the biggest fan of his works being toyed with. He has already disowned every movie made based on his works, so this is sure to follow suit. I recently rewatched the movie, and while not perfect, it is pretty darn close.

And therein resides the problem: We don’t need anything else from Watchmen. The original story is a pretty perfect self-contained story. We got what backstory we needed. We know where everyone ends up. We are handed a complete package and I honestly don’t feel a burning need to jump back into this story.

They’ve done some comic prequels and I haven’t read any of them. I just never had a desire to. And as for this TV project… I could take it or leave it. I don’t feel a need to dive back into this world because I have a complete story. Even one episode feels like too much to me and will open a whole different story.

All that said… I’ll probably check out the first episode. But the question is if I continue beyond there.

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