August 21 2018

Danny Boyle Exits Directing Duties on Bond 25

Remember the excitement you had for Oscar-winner Danny Boyle directing Bond 25?


The official James Bond Twitter account sent out the following tweet on Tuesday.

I love “creative differences.” It’s the equivalent of telling you absolutely nothing.

Now comes the problem, however, Bond 25 is due to hit theaters next November in the U.S. I don’t see how it can possibly make that date now. A new director has to be found… the script will need to be studied… there will need to be new pre-production etc etc. If they try to hold to the release date… well… it’s not going to be pretty in my opinion.

We’ll wait and see what happens, but I’m sad to see Boyle depart from this. I am sure it came down to:

“We have a formula.”

“I have a vision!”

“You have no job.”

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