August 31 2018

The Predator Final Trailer – Editing is an Amazing Thing

Edtitors are amazing in how they can change the tone of a film with some simple edits. Case in point, The Predator final trailer.

Lets give the new trailer a watch.

Did you spot it? Probably not. Where’s the kid?

For two trailers they have played up a kid being involved in this whole thing, and wearing some of the Predator armor and so on.

Here he is in the first trailer.

And in the second.

So why is this interesting? After the second trailer I stated I had lost all interest in the film. There were senseless subplots about genetic engineering of Predators. There was a kid in the mix. Etc etc. Now you watch this trailer and there is no talk of the genetics… no kid… it’s like a different movie with lots of action and gore.

So which film are we getting when it hits theaters? Your guess is as good as mine, but I think this new trailer is the ‘creative editing’ one.

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