September 1 2018

Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster is Reality Crack

I have no idea why I consume Ultimate Beastmaster as rapidly as humanly possible when a new season comes out. I never watch shows like ninja whatever, or this feat of strength, or whatever. But Ultimate Beastmaster… I find myself groaning in pain when contestants miss jumps, get hurt, or whatever else happens.

The third season debuted on Friday, August 31, and as I type this I am more than halfway through the season and quite happy about it. Contestants from eight different countries all try to make their way through “the Beast,” an insanely designed obstacle course that looks vaguely like a giant monster. It’s divided into three areas, the lowest scorers in each section get eliminated and so on.

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, give it a shot. Be warned you may find yourself consuming all of it before the weekend is out.

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