September 5 2018

Halloween Trailer – The Power of Music

I have had mixed feelings about this upcoming Halloween sequel, but once that classic music kicks in… I can’t help myself. I’m in.

I still have a lot of issues with the idea that this film ignores everything but the first film. That is going to cause a lot of confusion for folks who don’t follow this stuff. For instance, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) being Michael’s sister wasn’t introduced until Halloween II, but it is one of the main things people know about this series.

But so much is forgiven once I hear that John Carpenter score…

I do have to say, I love that the mask looks as though its balding like a human would. If you study it as he’s walking towards the shed in the opening and he passes under those lights it almost looks as though he’s done a comb-over.

If this is what is going on, so help me, I love the idea of a semi-vain Michael Meyers obsessing about his mask.

Halloween will hit theaters on Oct. 19.

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