September 9 2018

Fall – Can We Just Not?

Did you feel it happen? The moment Labor Day ended it began. It’s like a modern day zombie apocalypse that comes once a year to infect the normally sane people in my life.

Fall Fever hit.

Now, to be clear, Autumn/Fall doesn’t officially start until Sept. 22, but that is neither here nor there. What comes the second someone looks at a thermometer because someone asks, “Is it just me or is a bit chilly?” is Fall Fever breaks out and everyone loses their blasted minds.

Pumpkin Spice ends up in everything. And believe me, I love a pumpkin pie, I truly do. And that is exactly where my love affair with the gourd ends. Gut it, slap it in a pie tin, we’re good. I don’t need it in my coffee. I don’t need a candle that smells of it. Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels? No thanks, I’m good.

Thank goodness it hasn’t gotten totally out of control, though. I mean, certainly, we’ve hit our limit and… what? No… you… no, you have to be joking, they would never go…

That’s it. I’m done. Take your love affair of fall and pumpkin spice and just get out.

You know what fall means? It’s going to be wet. Leaves are going to fall everywhere and stain things when they get wet. You’re going to have big old piles of smelly, decaying leaves everywhere.

Winter is coming. It’s going to be freaking cold.

Flu season is almost upon us.

Everyone is going to be miserable.

But that’s okay… you get your couple days of pretty colors, and your pumpkin spice everything. That makes up for all of this.

I guess I shouldn’t be hard on the Pumpkin Spice thing, it can’t get any worse. I mean, it’s not like we’re feeding it to dogs yet.

Pumpkin Spice Greenies



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