September 10 2018

The Nun Scares Up a Win at the Box Office

Horror films just can’t seem to lose at the box office the past several years.

First place this weekend went to The Nun with the biggest opening of The Conjuring series with $53.5M. Globally it sits at $131M off of a $22M budget. This series isn’t going anywhere soon.

Crazy Rich Asians came in second with $13.6M. Domestically it sits at $136.22M and globally is at $164.72M off of a $30M budget.

Third place went to Peppermint with $13.26M off of a $25M budget.

The Meg came in fourth with $6.03M for a new domestic total of $131.57M and global total of $491.97M off of a $130M budget.

Searching rounded out the top five with $4.51M and sits at $14.31M domestically.

This week’s releases include The Predator, White Boy Rick, and A Simple Favor.

Curious how I think these films will do? Check out my The Movies of 2018 – 3rd Quarter report.

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