September 15 2018

Bond 25 Dropping Danny Boyle’s Script

And now it will be like Danny Boyle never even walked into the James Bond offices.

As we already knew, Danny Boyle is out as the director of Bond 25, but now it looks like everything involving him is going away. According to The Daily Mail, EON Productions have dropped Boyle’s script which was co-written with his longtime collaborator John Hodge.

Before Boyle came on there was a treatment from Neal Purvis and Robert Wade who had previously written The World is Not Enough. That treatment was dropped by Boyle, but now it appears it’s back in play. The problem is that it was only a treatment, so now the two need to do an actual script. Once a director is on board, they will also take a pass on it, so we’re a ways away from this film moving forward.

One has to wonder just how bad the disagreement was with Boyle to delay everything like this.

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