September 16 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story Got a Bum Wrap

Following on from numerous issues behind the scenes, many people questioned the film, and it got an unfortunate bum wrap.

My not seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story in the theater had nothing to do with the film itself, but instead the theater in my town. Now that it is out digitally and I’ve been able to see it (twice so far), it’s not the best Star Wars movie, but it certainly is not the worst.

Overall, it’s an entertaining movie. Yes, it’s a tad silly so many landmark moments happened to Han in such a short period of time, but these films have never been concerned with time. Alden Ehrenreich – whom many rumors said needed an acting coach – was just fine as the titular character. Donald Glover… Glover may actually be a clone of Billy Dee Williams he was so spot on.

Considering the poor box office performance, it seems that the A Star Wars Story films are off for right now, but I think Lucasfilm just needs more a battle plan in place before they do more.

So if you’re on the fence about watching Solo, give it a shot. It’s fun.

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