September 20 2018

MCU TV Shows Set to Come to Disney Streaming Service

The Disney streaming service looks as though it’s aiming to become an indispensable part of your life if a new report is to be believed.

Word on the street is that Disney is looking at brining Marvel Cinematic Universe miniseries to its upcoming streaming service. The prevalining rumors right now are that we could see a series each for Loki and Scarlet Witch. And before you go thinking this will be totally difference from the MCU, the plan is to bring in Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olson respectiveely toplay their parts from the films.

The report goes on to say that no one with their own starring film will be involved, so, in other words, Tony Stark won’t just randomlly show up, or Christ Hemsworth bringing the power of Stormbreaker. The budgets, however, are said to be circling in the $80M range for each six-to-eight episode project.

Kevin Feige, the mastermind of the MCU films, but none of the TV projects, is said to be involved. In other words, if you’ve been disappointed with previous Marvel TV projects, these will be completely different beasts.

This is a rather elegant solution to get a lot more milage out of characters who probably couldn’t support their own film, or to bring a lot more attention to the service. It does raise a question, however, of just how many subscribers does Disney think it will have? Already we know it’s looking to spend $100M on a Star Wars series, and now possibly $160M more on a couple TV projects? Word is that the subscription rate is going to be around $7.99, so we’re talking needing 32.54M subscribers to make up the cost of just these three projects.

That is one tall order.

I am going to be fascinated to watch how this plays out.

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