September 22 2018

Why is the Joker So Hard to Get Right?

I don’t get it. The Joker is such a simple concept when you get to the core of him. He’s maniacal. He’s brilliant. He’s the Yang to Batman’s Yin. His skin is bleached and his hair is green. It’s the inside of him that’s important, the insanity. Focus there and make him feel truly dangerous.

Yet, for some reason, every movie feels the need to leave their stamp on the design.

On Friday, we got our first look at Joaquin Phoenix in makeup for the upcoming standalone Joker origin movie.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Test

Look above and you can see one of the most iconic images of the Joker.

… why is this so wrong? I mean, at least he isn’t Jared Leto’s version.

Suicide Squad Jared Leto Joker First Image

Ugh… those tattoos.

Stop worrying about the outside, Hollywood. Dress him in a suit… bleach the skin… give him the green hair… and then focus on him feeling like he can kill you while he laughs. GIve him a reason to be feared. Stop worrying if the latest version stands out.

Someday I might get to see a comic accurate Joker on screen…

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