September 25 2018

Bumblebee Trailer Gives Hope for a Refined Franchise

Michael Bay never seemed to understand the Transformers franchise, but it certainly looks like with him out of the director’s chair we may have hope again.

For some unknown reason, Bay completely changed the look and feel of the Transformers throughout his movies and made it feel like if you came anywhere near them they would cut you. Now it seems that the upcoming Bumblebee may be going a bit more fan friendly.

So lets break this down here. First big hint is Shockwave, Starscream, and Skywarp are immediately identifiable without anyone having to label them for you.

Optimus Prime looks like Optimus Prime and that makes everything right with the world…

But then… then we see Soundwave.

I’m so over the moon with the look of him here, but then they made it go over the top when he ejects Ravage.

Why was this so hard for Hollywood to get right? This is, at least visually, what we wanted all along. Was it really that hard to get this right? There is every chance story wise this movie will suck from a story perspective, but I’m definitely more enthusiastic about a Transformers movie than I have been in years.

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