September 30 2018

The Movies of 2018 – 4th Quarter Analysis

We’ve taken a look at each of the films of the 4th quarter of 2018, but how is each month going to break down? Who will we be singing the praises of, and which films will be leading to studio executives packing up their offices?

Lets take a look.


October 5

October 12

October 19

October 26

This is going to be an odd month. A Star is Born could have some holding power. I think Venom is going to misfire. Halloween may end up walking away with the month.


November 2

November 9

November 16

November 21

November is going to be way more competitive with several hits in there. Fantastic Beasts is sure to do well. I think The Grinch has a shot. Creed 2 will have some success. Ralph Breaks the Internet should also enjoy some success.


December 7

December 14

December 19

December 21

December 25

December is a battleground. From Dec. 19 it’s going to be a free-for-all through Christmas. I really don’t know what will be the winner.


This is getting interesting. The holiday season is starting to turn into a mini-summer with a mixture of family fare and tentpole films. Interesting new trend.

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